Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Daredevil trailer!

I have yet to reach Marvel-saturation, as proved by how excited this teaser for a franchise I don't even really care about has made me.

See, the Daredevil movie was so dumb I don't think I've ever actually gotten through a whole run of it, and Elektra was so phenomenally bad that they still use it as proof that Ladies Can't Carry Superhero Films*, and even before all that I was just like "eh" about it. But maybe it's all about the visuals, and whatever magic-dust the MCU has, because this looks cool.
  • They cast a dude who looks good in a business suit AND a superhero suit
  • I like the black--makes him creepier and harder to see
  • It looks modern to me, which is good, because if he was back in the 70s, there'd be that whole why-are-people-surprised-now-about-superheroes-when-they've-existed-for-fourty-years thing; and this way, there's native heroes, right where the Battle of New York was--and where people would most likely be turning to vigilantism.
  • I wonder if we'll have any flashbacks to what these people were doing that day?
  • I wonder if the literal darkness of the show has as much to do with the way he's actually blind as it does with grimness?
  • I hope it's got some humor in it; one of the strengths of the MCU is that they can be really serious AND still be believably goofy. There should at least be dark gallows humor in this so it isn't oppressive, I think.
  • I love Netflix as a release option. So I can mainline it, yes, but also so it can't be messed with by networks full of people who don't get how tech is changing TV. 
  • I'm excited to see how this show supports and expands what's happening in the movies--and to see how ideally smooth a series could run, when it doesn't have to have a weekly schedule to work around.**
  • And of course, there's the sheer fact of representation--Hawkeye hasn't said one way or another whether he's deaf like in the comics, but Daredevil has to be blind to work as a character. 
This is just a teaser, of course, but it looks cool.

Whadda you guys think?

* That is a rant for a whole other post.
** If it's good, it'll  make me that much sadder for SHIELD--they were full-on hobbled by being weekly as the movies came out, the TV schedule changed, and now with this midseason Agent Carter, which I love, but which is keeping us from finding out what happened to Skye and co.Middle of a season is a weird place to put a whole other series, though if it works, and it ties in, and it comes out phenomenal for Phase Whatever-we're-in-now, then I'll call it brilliant.
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