Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Liveblog Roundup for Gotham 1.16 "The Blind Fortune Teller"

This show keeps getting better, which is weird, because it started out pretty strong. And I'm loving interacting with the audience as I go, so here's last night's Tweets...

Oh jeeze, Pengs, what is going on with your club? #gotham
In #Gotham even the clowns are hardcore.
RT @Gotham: The circus is coming to #gotham at 8/7c. One way or another... it'll put a smile on your face. No joke, ya know? http://t.co/giHKB2riMy
Yes! Be a cop-and-not-cop buddy crime solving team! #Gotham
You shit down that shaming, Jim. You do it. #Gotham
It seems that treating your organ donors like slaves would be bad for your stolen organs tho. #Gotham
What if all of these options are Joker and they all think they're the same person so they get treated as one? #Gotham
Tiny little Fish Moony coming at this guy like That Mom at the PTA, only crazy. #Gotham
I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop on our pretty ME. One way or another. Good people have it rough in #Gotham
Kid CEO on the case and taking no guff. #Gotham
Penguin plays better piano than his piano player... #Gotham
RT @EasilyEmma: The circus is like an episode of Maury:  "I'm Feuding with my Circus Act Lover!" #gotham
But this steak tho... #Gotham
RT @AlexisDeLaGarza: Jim Gordon is so much more interesting now that he's dating Morena Baccarin #Gotham
TV just loves various Hellfire Clubs, hm. #Gotham
RT @eloqit: A riddle? Get Nygma on it! #Gotham
RT @KathiSeymour: #TeamAlfred #Gotham
"I am not the one who wanted to go out searching for satanist's hatchets. You know what I wanted to do." #Gotham
That's what moms on TV always say when the dad is unknown... #Gotham
RT @AwhHellNaw: Hey Boo, this look from Fish @jadapsmith means you're about to take a beat down!! #Gotham http://t.co/snjxFZby32
So...circuses breed crazies? Poor circuses. #Gotham
RT @cloneposter: Barbara, Ivy and Selina forming a sisterhood of not being too happy with Jim Gordon. #Gotham @Gotham
She's got him wrapped around her finger. Which makes me even more nervous. #Gotham
Butch whaaaaattt??? #Gotham
Look at them underestimating him to his face. #Gotham
Jim just became directly responsible for Robin. #Gotham
"You slept somewhere without razors and you smell like lady soap." #Gotham
Just keep being a condescending dick, everyone on the board. #Gotham
So basically this whole episode is about people dangerously underestimating others, then. #Gotham

What did you think of Gotham 1.16 "The Blind Fortune Teller"?

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