Saturday, February 21, 2015

@pirategirljack Liveblog roundup for 12 Monkeys 1.6 "The Red Forest"

Hoo boy, you guys, this show is getting intense. First, my tweets, and then some thoughts and stuff at the end:

That's a much nicer display, isn't it? A bit big, and I still have to make it manually, but better than copy-pasting everything line by line, lemme tell ya.


My thoughts are all over the place, and it really makes me love the writers on a soul-deep, writerly level, because damn. Until the show ends (gods forbid) and I can look at it as a whole and all the flux becomes actuality, there's so much that could happen in this show. As someone who watches a lot of TV, I can usually see where storylines are going, and 12 Monkeys manages to walk the line between following genre and television conventions and turning it all right on it's head. It's amazing.

New questions:

  • What did they do to Cassie that involved making her trip balls, see someone who probably wasn't actually there, and then no actually do anything to keep her from escaping? Did they plant something in her mind, all MK Ultra-like? Did they get more than we saw from her? Will she go all mind-controlled and try to kill Cole later??
  • How many jumps does Cole actually have left? Jones said she's not going to let it happen to him, what happened to the others, but she also told him that his time is limited. What happens when he runs out? Does he just die, or does he get stranded somewhere and become the Origin, or does he explode like the others?
    • Also, will he tell Cassie that his time as a time traveler is numbered, and therefore a) she's going to have to carry on on her own at some point, or b) their time together is limited? And if he does, will he push her toward her now-believing ex who still probably loves her, despite his own feelings for her that he hasn't done anything about yet??
    • And will she react by trying to find a cure, which is how I hope she'll react? Because she's a doctor and a healer and someone who has already been working on this problem for two years and has no reason to stop acting?
  • Now that Aaron knows that Cassie was telling the truth, is he going to use all his political connections to help them? Will it get him killed or will it just make him an outlaw? 
  • Project TROY sounds like a Trojan horse; does that mean it's a fake out, or does it mean they're sneaking this new weaponized virus in under some other guise?
  • Cole has shown that he actually can change time, but so far it was basically just to make things marginally worse--no West VII threat because of Ramse being in charge, but lots more despair without the program. If he starts being successful, eventually his home timeline will be gone and if he doesn't cease to exist like he wants, but just keeps going back and forth between realities, collecting up the memories of alternate lives, what will he do?
  • What is that red forest about? What does it mean "most of the blood has washed away"? Is it really just a weird hallucination, or is it a real thing, a real place? And is that place somewhere that's happened yet?
  • What's with the milk falling?
  • What's going to happen to Jennifer? Is she more nuts because she saw her fav guy shot and then disappear right before her? Is she the heir to her dad's stuff, regardless of her crazy? Can she pull it together to be helpful to the team?
  • Will we get a moment where Cassie and Cole can just talk over what's happened the last few episodes? Because she hasn't yet gotten to deal with how her partner killed her friend, and he hasn't yet gotten to tell her that she died and it ruined everything and he saved her--or that he's dying because of it. I feel like this is something these two need to do.
  • Will they start to build an army of their own to root out the villains?
  • What more does Jones know than she's letting on?
We're somewhere around the middle of the season, and I'm so on board with all these mysteries, because they're handling it right--they're answering stuff before they move on to new mysteries, and they aren't dragging it all out--it was only one or two episodes before Cassie found out that Cole killed Henri, only a little longer before Jennifer discovered he killed her dad. It's ideal in a show that has so many strands that they get tied down before more happen!

So what did you think? Let's share.

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