Saturday, February 28, 2015

@pirategirljack liveblog roundup for Arrow 3.15 "Nanda Parbat"


I love this show, but I hope this Ra's alGoul story is done soon because it's making everyone stupid. Like, Laural didn't want to tell her dad that Sarah was dead and left it too long. Oliver was all "I'll just go kill him" and then was dead for three episodes, and then immediately went back to do the same thing like a moron. Malcom is manipulating people for completely confused reasons and it's only making people more weepy and dumb. And because of all this "I'm the boss here" BS from Ollie--which, to be fair, he's always had, though it's been worse lately--Felicity is barely speaking to him, is so tightly wound that she's lost most of her sparkle, and is spending most of her time with Ray who is adorable and much more open than Ollie, but also has barely any space to be a character around all the people being buttheads.

But! The last few eps have given us people finally just confessing and not hiding shit from eachother, and that's been amazing. Thea is way stronger than everyone thought, and she and Roy have things in common again, and she's done with putting up with all this nonsense, so even though she basically ruins everything in the end of this ep, she's the only one who does it by getting to the damned point.

So yeah. I'm a bit frustrated with this middle-of-the-season stuff right now, and I really want a change in plots. So long as that change isn't that Ollie takes over for Dread Pirate Ra's and Nyssa declares a vendetta on him, because that would just be more nonsense.

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