Monday, February 2, 2015

Fantastic Four trailer

So! Let's see:

  • It looks super-serious, which is always sort of...hit or miss with comic book movies; I feel like to be taken seriously, there has to be a little bit of not-serious to contrast it against and to humanize the characters (as they turn not-human, etc).
  • It looks also like they're not going into space? I didn't see any space-vehicles, just pods and energy-explosions--which would be a good way to literally ground the story AND a good way to explain their villains.
  • No Doctor Doom? I'm okay with that, if it's true, since the old one had Doom and I'd want to separate my new movie from that old one if I were them.
  • Dark and sort of...CGI-ish. 
  • I've heard rumors that reshoots were because it looked too much like Chronicle 2, and also because it was very cerebral and they felt it needed more action. Either of those could go either good or bad, so we'll see.
  • If this is, after all, in the same world as the XMen, it looks like it's current...which puts it 30 years ahead of the current XMen movies, which is...odd...but could work out with some really good, like, casting and maybe some background stuff--news casts about mutants doing something, headlines shown, stuff like that, without needing full-on crossover stuff.
  • I like that Johnny is black, but since Sue isn't, does that mean they aren't siblings anymore? Or is one of them adopted? I feel like them being sibs is a big part of the group dynamic, usually.
  • The Thing looks good.
  • The fire effects look good.
All in all, I'm not super-stoked, but I love the XMen movies, and this has something to do with them behind the scenes and hopefully in front, so that gives me hope. And it's definitely on my list to see, I just want more info before I get excited and stuff.
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