Thursday, February 26, 2015

@pirategirljack liveblog roundup for Sleepy Hollow 2.18 "Tempus Fugit"

I refuse to even entertain the idea that this might be the series ender, and not just the season end, because despite my many, many objections* to the way this season was handled, it ended the way it used to be and I still love it too much. I'm going to get a season three through sheer force of will alone if I have to!

We still have to address:

  • Ichabod's healing and dealing
  • Abbie's connection to her past, and the implications and she and / or Jenny should be witches
  • That ancestress who is frozen in the gorgon lair
  • All the rest of the world that we didn't see this season--the locals and natives and friends and coworkers and Masons and possible Templars and Hessians
  • There are angels in this world and who of them came to help the Witnesses?
  • The power vacuum left by Moloch
  • Whether that bell managed to actually wake any of the witchbloods
  • Any feelings any of the mains have for each other and aren't paying attention to
  • Macey
  • Three other horsemen, and really, probably ol' headless, too
What do you think?


  1. Katrina messed up the dynamic of the entire cast by being given so much of the story without being given anything to work with for motivations, sense, or emotional impact. They should have committed to making her evil way before the last three eps.
  2. What the heck happened to, like, every side character ever? That whole awesome world S1 built--where did it go?
  3. Why aren't they using the Kindred? Why didn't they at least put it down or something, because it's just wandering around being powerful and unused as far as we know.
  4. Why was Orion given so little space?
  5. Ichabod spent way too much time saying one thing and doing another and looking like a waffly idiot because of it.
  6. Ichabod never knew about his son, but that doesn't seem to matter; Henry was mad at him when he didn't know about him and that also doesn't seem to matter.
  7. Why the flying fuckballs was Hawley brought in? Like, he could have been cool, but not at the expense of turning Jenny into set-dressing and taking over her whole role.
  8. Evil-Frank ended pretty okay, so I take back all the frustration on his part, but why did we never see his awesome daughter, who was possessed and then almost arrested and should have had a great story?
  9. Why didn't Katrina try to contact modern witches? If she'd done that and found that she was alone because there were none, that whole plot that sent her over the edge would have been more believable.
  10. I'm just glad it's over and it ended well.
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