Saturday, February 28, 2015

@pirategirljack liveblog roundup for Forever 1.16 "Memories of Murder"

This show is so much fun. Like, mostly it's light and quirky and has the great gimmick of a dude who can't die--who also hasn't been needlessly tempting fate in ages--who is younger-looking than his son, and who has studied everything and so knows more than the cops he helps. But it's also got cops who know and do their job without fuss, and it's unexpectedly touching--all the loss Henry has suffered and that gets mirrored in the cases and the lives of these people who he has connected to, even though he says he doesn't do emotions.

And it's a second-generation sort of cops-and-not-cops-solve-crime show--like, they don't make excuses for why Henry is partnered with a cop, and there's no power struggle with her actual cop-partner. That's a conceit of the form and they just accept it and move on, and I love that. Get right to the story.

And this week had Beth from The Walking Dead in it, being creepy and crazy and so different from Beth that I think she'll be able to do anything. Plus, this week it handled S&M pretty evenhandedly and didn't get all sensationalized about it, so there's that.

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