Saturday, February 14, 2015

I can't even with Crimson Peak, in the best of good ways

You guys. This movie was made for me. I am the ideal audience of this movie. I feel so special--I'm not the ideal audience of anything, which is why I write my own books and why I read everything, looking for that perfect story. But this? This looks like it's aimed directly at my soul.

- Tom Hiddleston in Victorian garb being sexy and mysterious
- It looks like a real literary classic gothic, but with details of more modern and classically delToro weirdness
- It's delToro, who I have yet to find a movie I don't like from
- The trailer uses a creepy new version of one of my fav Nick Cave songs

Like ?????!!!!!! I'm so starry-eyed about the whole thing that I can't even formulate literate criticism right now--and really, with a minute and a half of footage I wouldn't really want to.

Not yet.

I'm going to hold onto this magicalness until some bit of reality forces me to give it up--and hope nothing does.

See of yourself:

What do you think?
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