Wednesday, February 18, 2015

@pirategirljack Liveblog roundup for The Flash 1.14 "Fallout"

  • Imma say Barry goes back, stops the other from killing his own young self, and his mom was collateral. #TheFlash
  • Ronnie and Stein are soulmates. #TheFlash
  • Did that dude say "it might as we'll be in Dothraki"? #TheFlash
  • RT @WhoaMellyNYC: "Like, Terminator." Thank you for translating into English, Cisco. #TheFlash
  • I feel like Amanda Waller is gonna want to talk to this soldier guy. #TheFlash
  • "I'm still inside Ronald?" "There has to be a better way to say that." #TheFlash
  • "Dude, that was like, Week Three." I love Cisco so much. #TheFlash
  • Joe just keeps walking into rooms drinking things and taking "guardian" really seriously. #TheFlash
  • Welles. I hope you've got a long game and are not actually evil, bc we'll be needing a new Giles if it isn't you. #TheFlash
  • I apparently have an unstoppable urge to want everyone that comes against a fav to be swayed by Good and recruited. #TheFlash
  • They keep teasing Grodd! #TheFlash
  • Psychic self-injury communication! I don't know how to feel about that. #TheFlash
  • RT @tniwalker: I could seriously watch a #Firestorm spinoff starting Victor Garber and Robbie Amell. They give good fun bickering @CW_TheFlash #TheFlash
  • RT @UrbanNoize: Once Iris makes the Firestorm connection with Ronnie, then it wont be long until it leads her to Barry. #TheFlash
  • Where is he getting all these widgets?? #TheFlash
  • I was kinda hoping they'd have to hug every time or something... #TheFlash
  • RT @iAmourCashmier: Dr.Wells is another Malcolm Merlyn. Both so sneaky. #Arrow #TheFlash #Flash #Flarrow
  • @iAmourCashmier What if they met?
  • RT @_MAG24: #TheFlash alien reference, Martian Manhunter maybe?
  • @_MAG24 Yes please!
  • Caitlyn and Mrs Stein are now in some sort of alternative relationship, I think. #TheFlash
  • "You two are like ten years of Ross and Rachel smushed into one year." #TheFlash
  • Where's the lady that lives there now? Like, they just keep waltzing into that house. #TheFlash
  • "One day soon I'm going to be here again fifteen years ago." #timetravelertense #TheFlash
  • Protect your own? Which side are you on? Apparently, on Grodd's. #TheFlash
What did you think of this week's episode? I'm super-loving Ronnie and Stein being total BFFs who feel each other's pain, and I hope that whole dynamic gets played out well. And I would SO WATCH a spinoff. Not just because I think that this franchise should just keep spinning off each other like a foldable ladder or something. It's a rich, big, juicy world that will soon also have a cartoon and Supergirl on other channels, so why not keep going? These are likely people that won't get time on the big screen. Let them shine here!

PS: I think I like this format for the tweets. Less mess.

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