Sunday, February 1, 2015

More questions I have about 12 Monkeys

Why is Cole so determined to not exist? The agreement, originally, was that he'd go back, kill a dude, change the future, and stop existing. Is he that against the world? Is he that full of self-hate? Is he sort of passively suicidal? Or is he running from something, and undoing the whole world is the only way to avoid it?

Does Ramse know that the agreement was that Cole would pop out of existence?

How much experience does Cole have with thing other than basic survival and violence? When will the relatively peaceful current world catch up to him and overwhelm him with all the stuff, the options, the personal connections, the emotions other than fear and anger? And what will that be like? Will Cassie be there to help him, or will it catch up to him at a really bad time?

If he's about to splinter and he grabs a person, will they come with him the way his clothes and that watch and weapons do? If so, what would it be like for someone who hasn't had the treatments he's had? Would it be worse than leaving them when he goes?

Is the machine the only one that was built? What was the original purpose? Did other people use it before these guys found it again?

These sorts of shows basically require a support network--but who can they turn to in any of the times we've been shown, who can help them and be trustworthy enough to know the truth? Will anyone set up a way to communicate back and forth through time? Will anyone set up, like, caches of stuff they can use no matter what time they're in?
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