Wednesday, February 18, 2015

@pirategirljack Liveblog roundup for Agent Carter 1.7 "Snafu"

  • #AgentCarter time! Yay Peggy!
  • Where does Marvel casting keep finding all these cheekbones? #AgentCarter
  • Who's baby are you stealing, Dottie? #AgentCarter
  • Yay phone girl! Rose? It's been so long I forget. I hope if there's S2, we get to see more about the phone girls! #AgentCarter
  • Jarvis! #AgentCarter
  • RT @The7thMatrix: Time for one of the best shows on TV! #AgentCarter
  • Repulsive? Is that why your handshake was lame? #AgentCarter
  • Oh no, you do not fire Peggy. #AgentCarter
  • #AgentCarter
  • "You know morse code?" "Your surprise wounds me." #AgentCarter
  • And there's the ticking clock! Come on, Sousa, believe her and save the idiots! #AgentCarter
  • RT @thisrobotboy: #AgentCarter drinking game: drink every time Peggy looks flawless even under duress
  • Dooley is the least subtle ever.  #AgentCarter
  • Is he a mutant? How can he hypnotize people so easily? #AgentCarter
  • RT @TimmyE78: "@RaySonne: "I have never been more than what each of you has created." Wow. #AgentCarter" #RenewAgentCarter
  • RT @MildlyAmused: Brilliant. I never even saw it. Three agents, three aspects: The Damsel, The Goddess, The Whore/Bitch #AgentCarter
  • Maybe they should have waited until the guy was away from the window to just stroll across the street. #AgentCarter
  • Huh, a genuine moment from Thompson. #AgentCarter
  • How do people on TV just snap keys? #AgentCarter
  • RT @Woodzette: @pirategirljack Dont' you mean WHEN? #RenewAgentCarter
  • @Woodzette I'd better mean WHEN! #RenewAgentCarter
  • Dottie's doing the same thing they missed in Carter--using their misogyny against them--but is way more dangerous. #AgentCarter
  • I feel like Sousa was a badass and hasn't quite figured out a new fighting style yet. #AgentCarter
  • Twenty minutes left??? #AgentCarter
  • RT @caitlynwinn: #RenewAgentCarter bc we need more strong lead female characters in tv shows!! #AgentCarter
  • RT @agentalliecasey: peggy: *packs up box of competence* #AgentCarter
  • RT @KristenFitzpat1: "I can't say that I have, no." "It's quite unpleasant."  LOL #AgentCarter
  • RT @RachelER22: Jarvis: "I panicked and panicked again." #AgentCarter
  • RT @ncis_geek: If I've learned anything from my TV shows tonight, its that learning Morse code could become a valuable life skill... #AgentCarter
  • RT @cwbourque: Oooo! RT @GeekTrench Fired from the SSR? What will Peggy do? Maybe form a secret organization of her own? Maybe call it SHIELD? #AgentCarter
  • I kinda like this nice villainy. Send emhome to their families instead of killing them. Ruin their careers by shift priorities. #AgentCarter
  • Aw man, it was a lie. Never mind. #AgentCarter
  • RT @uptownandout: Plot twist! RT @EnverGjokaj Turns out Jarvis and Dooley's wife are the same person #AgentCarter
  • RT @fufflymuffins: anytime they talk about Steve it makes me emotionally unstable and that scene was not okay #AgentCarter
  • RT @TheCavalryMCU: Trying to live-tweet tonight's episode, but it's hard to look away. It's so dang good. #RenewAgentCarter #AgentCarter
  • RT @FayeOnParade: Hayley Atwell on Why Agent Carter Is 'a Bit of a Nerd #AgentCarter ' via @YahooTV
  • RT @laurengregg_: "i supposed i wanted a second chance at keeping him safe" #AgentCarter
You guys. This show, you guys. It's so so so so so so good, and if it doesn't get renewed, I'm looking at all of us. Because damn, dudes.

But this episode was so good and had so much stuff in it! What did you think?

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