Saturday, February 28, 2015

@pirategirljack liveblog roundup for Agent Carter 1.8 "Valediction"

You guys. You guys, why is this show not getting the mile-high ratings it deserves*? Did you see this episode? Peggy gets to kick ass, the team works together, Howard steps up and takes responsibility for himself, baddies get punished, Jarvis is alternately adorable and formidable, Sousa is back on Peggy's side, everyone is wonderful, and then there's amazing set up for further action!

Eight episodes does not seem like enough for this show. It feels like it's just gotten started, and that's amazing because it hit the ground running and it was amazing from the start.

So #RenewAgentCarter!

I could watch a whole show just of Peggy and Jarvis being English at each other. Or of Howard inventing stuff. Or of Sousa solving crimes and not being hampered by his missing leg at all.

Things we still need to know:

  • What did Peggy actually do when she set up SHIELD and who did she hire as her first agents? Did she hire people from outside the SSR? Did the SSR cease to exist, or was there overlap?
  • How did HYDRA get into those early days when she was hand-picking all the people who worked for her?
  • Does she marry Sousa? If she doesn't, is it Thompson, and how far does he have to go before I will accept that??
  • How does Howard go from a scoundrel but a brilliant inventor to a mogul who drinks too much and makes his only son hate him? Who is Tony's mom and how does she even start to tame that man enough to get married and have a kid? Does Tony have his idea of who Howard was wrong and will he have to deal with that later?
  • What are the first cases like when SHIELD is very small and the world is still recovering from WWII?
  • What happens to the Screaming Commandos? Do they join her?

* I don't remember if I said this before, but I feel like a) ratings are BS and only measure the lowest common denominator, and b) MCU shows, since they tie into the bigger world of the movies, should be immune to them--they have a structural purpose other than just existing on a channel, and therefore they should be allowed to run as long as they need to, even if ratings aren't stellar, because ratings are dumb and incomplete and damaging to the really interesting shows, even when they're not tied into something else.
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