Saturday, February 28, 2015

@pirategirljack liveblog roundup for 12 Monkeys 1.7 "The Keys"

(i couldn't find the promo video this time)

Holy flying fuck you guys. I was expecting the dance thing to be sort of sweet after that promo picture was released, but actually it was so much more adorable than I expected. Cole likes art and has never seen it before! He likes music! He's never danced before but he wants her to teach him! There's food* just being handed to him and he takes it all! And look how sad he was when Cassie doesn't know that he's intentionally trying to make the best of what he's got because he's basically dying because he didn't tell her about that!

But we also got Cassie being traumatized and Cole being so concerned and sweet about how she's coping and whether she was burned. And when things got bad, he called her, more than once--she's probably the only phone number he knows, even. And then when he was dying / about to be exploded, he let down all his guards** and finished the conversations she hasn't had yet and it was heartbreaking and I'm still reeling and flustered and swinging between OH MY GOD in a good way and OH MY GOD in a bad way.

This show, you guys.

I don't think Cole is really dead. 1. He's the main character, the one with agency even over linear storytelling and time itself. And 2. He hasn't gone to 1987 yet. And 3. We're only just past the half-way point of the season, so we know they did not manage to completely stop the virus. But I wouldn't pt it past these writers to have him splintered out after the fire got him so he has to heal, and he's not able to come back for a while. Or have this create another storyline and another Cole comes back and tries to change his own death or something. And I wouldn't be surprised if we have a whole episode stranded in 2015 with a grieving Cassie before we see him again, because they like to kill us like that. Although, if they do that, I hope she's actively grieving and not sobbing alone in the dark--like, they have contacts and stuff now, and without Cole, she's gonna have to make deals and talk to people.

But really what I'm hoping is that she was upset enough that Cole realized this time around that something was up, and took precautions so that this time he didn't die--it just seemed like he did so the timeline is intact.

New stuff to worry about this ep:

  • They had that very personal, very intimate conversation while the bombs were coming in right in front of the leaders of the CIA. Someone in that room is going to have to be like "that stuff only makes sense if there's time travel"--and then will that person be drummed out and upset, or will be be an ally in their fight?
  • What the heck happens in 1987?
  • What did Wexler leak that might hurt them or harm them? How long before that blows up and messes things up?
  • What will a US bombing in Russia do to the state of the world?
What did you guys think about this week's ep? Because I really want to talk about it until next week, and it needs as much public discussion as it can get!

*The real OTP is Cole x food.
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